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BLP Bricks

Show off your skills to the entire construction industry

BLP Bricks Game

Build that wall!

Here's your chance to trump all competition in BLP's nostalgic visit to 1984, with no mention at all of George Orwell. It's the year Tetris was invented. It's the year frustration became an essential ingredient in entertainment.

If you're young enough not to remember it, we're jealous. If you do recall those countless hours of battling the clock to lay the foundations (sound familiar?) then now's the time to rekindle your trusted skills, thwart lesser mortals, and win a day to remember for the next 34 years. BLP proudly presents BLP Bricks; a Tetris refurb.

Compulsive engagement from BLP

Sign up and play the game now. Experience the exquisite thrill of seeing how elusive your real ability to stack bricks in an orderly fashion can be. Don't worry; you'll get better. Your time will get faster with every attempt. Or maybe it won't.

Either way you'll be delighted to discover how much time you can squander in a challenging yet strangely mindless, compulsively engaging, and addictively repetitive pursuit of speed and dexterity.

Alternative thinking from BLP

Through simple policies and expert consultancy services, BLP is committed to encouraging and supporting innovation in house building.

Our considerable experience over almost 30 years means we bring engagement, involvement, and insight into our partnerships with our customers. We're proactive. We're committed to helping you avoid claims. We aim to resolve them quickly if they arise.

In both the commercial and residential markets, our policies offer reassurance with complete confidence. We also provide data-enriched insights through our consultancy services that enable you to ensure a quality build. Now and then, we think it's right and proper to provide a little fun too.

BLP Bricks competition winner
December 2018

Zoe Mills, Lexington Reception Services

BLP Bricks competition winner

Please note
The prize draw competition, previously run in 2018, has now closed.

BLP is managed by Thomas Miller

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